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My previous article, “How has COVID-19 affected developing countries?”, mainly focused on the general effects and treatment methods of COVID. Many developed countries primarily responded with masks and testing, while developing countries didn’t have access or the resources to purchase masks and perform adequate testing. At the beginning of the pandemic, developing countries reported far fewer positive COVID cases than developed ones. However, those numbers seem to be rapidly rising now in developing countries, due to their inability to successfully combat COVID comapred to developed countries,

Several months since the virus first erupted, COVID continues to hold a heavy toll on our lives. Additionally, the lasting effects of COVID remain disastrous in developing countries. As many developed countries such as China and western Europe have somewhat recovered from COVID, developing countries have only gotten worse. An article written by the Atlantic discusses these traumatizing effects. The article acknowledges that developing countries don’t have the resources needed to combat COVID. However, these resources extend beyond masks and testing supplies. They also include a stable economy to enforce lockdown without significant collateral damage, a stable healthcare system, few extraneous health deficiencies throughout the country, etc. Because developing countries lack these pre-existing conditions, when COVID finally hit, they couldn’t respond similarly to how developed countries were able to respond.

As I read the article I focused on a few key issues. Primarily, I acknowledged that COVID hit developed areas earlier than it hit developing countries. This allowed developing countries to study the effects COVID created and how to resolve them. Unfortunately, developing countries didn’t have the resources to issue large sums of masks, nor did they have the ability to conduct national testing. In addition to testing developed countries then focused their efforts on halting the spread of the virus. This resulted in lockdowns, which put businesses, jobs, schools, and churches on pause. Because many developed countries already had a stable economy, the effects of lockdown were not extremely severe. Developing countries didn’t have this opportunity. Their economy requires citizens to go outside to work. This left many citizens more vulnerable to contracting the virus. Finally, many developed countries had a stable healthcare system with trained professionals and sanitary facilities. Developing countries lacked this luxury. Additionally, many developed countries had a public whose health was mostly above average. While developing countries often didn’t have the means necessary to promote such quality health.

All of these factors contribute to the damaging effects COVID has created for developing countries, and hopefully will inspire countries that have successfully dealt with COVID to come to aid.



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  1. Julia 5 months ago

    I really like how you focused more on the economic and social aspects of the virus, rather than the health effects. I feel like so much of what we are hearing in the new right now is about the virus itself, but there are so many other things that have stemmed from this pandemic. I also really liked learning about how the virus has affected developing countries. As someone who lives in a developed country, it is often something we overlook. In reality, we should educate our selves on these issues so that we can provide help to those who need it.

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