The book that I have just started reading is Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry. In this book, once you turn fifteen you need to start working or else your food rations will be cut. The main character is Benny and his brother is a zombie hunter which is their family business but he doesn’t want to be a part of it. He doesn’t want to be a part of it because both of his parents were turned into zombies and he doesn’t want to one day have to kill them again?. That made me think of what I would do if I was in a situation like that.

I think that if I were to be in a situation where I was in danger but the person endangering me was a relative, I would try to defend myself as much as I can. I wouldn’t want to harm them too much but just enough for me to get away from them, so if it came to a point where I needed to kill them I wouldn’t have the courage to do it either. What I want to know is what you guys would do in a situation like that?



  1. Katie 4 years ago

    I have never read this book, in fact it really isn’t the type of genre I usually read but I have to admit it sounds very interesting and I will check it out. I like how you put deep thought into this book, it shows your interest in it.

  2. 4 years ago

    Oh I loved reading this book and that does leave you with the question if you had to choose between killing someone you knew or loved and different things can influence you. If you were to decide between killing someone you knew but died and became a zombie or watch them kill a friend, family or random stranger you would have to make a choose of who would live or die.

  3. Katelyn 4 years ago

    I am a pacifist and therefor do not condone any act of violence. But to be quite honest though, in this world where you put locks up because you are so afraid, even though the zombies cannot open even a closed door, and places like candy-land exist where a young girl will be hunted and harmed by humans for their own amusement I would commit suicide. I would have children if I needed to to help the population but I could not stand living in a world subsumed by terror because it is enjoyment and love that makes you human and how can you be human when you are so surrounded by death so much that it is literally chasing you, and every action is about survival not living?

  4. Danny 4 years ago

    Hi Monica,
    First of all, great post. Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry sounds like a very interesting book that i would love to read. When you’re talking about what you would do in that situation I completely agree with you on how i wouldn’t want to harm/kill them just defend myself enough to escape. Great Work!

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