The distribution of knowledge has drastically changed. Major technological advancements have become revolutionary to our ways of distributing information and communicating. “Inventions of the telephone, telegraph, radio, movies, television, and the Internet all extended [our ways of] communication and expression. These revolutions changed the world of information and knowledge, resulting in transformative effects on society (NAEP).” In our technology-based world, we are capable of finding information, but the output of this information is not always equally distributed.

There are limits to the articles we read, or the accounts we, ourselves, follow. Usually people do not see contrasting opinions because they choose to follow users who seem to share the same political, religious, or social beliefs. There are also risks of reading and sharing fake news, which is not factual and/or lacks reliable sources. These risk factors in the over flow of misinformation means that individuals should be more critical of what they are viewing; or how the author may be promoting their own agenda and biases.

This new transfer of knowledge “is defined not through what it is, but through what it can do (Gilbert, p.35).” Our technological resources can determine our way of thinking, and how we perceive the world around us.  This quote continues, “‘The capacity to own, buy and sell knowledge has contributed, in major ways, to the development of the new, knowledge-based societies. (p.39)” Through these advancements, our society will continue to share an excess amount of information. I think how others and ourselves process, analyze, and critique this information will determine society’s way of thinking, and will set the attitudes we have while living amongst one another.



Why Can’t We Look Away From our Screens? Claudia, Dreifus New York Times. March, 2017

Knowledge Management Case Book. Gilbert J. B. Published in 2000\

Technology and Society.

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