how does technology affect people’s quality of life? how much personal information are we giving away through social media?

 Technology has the potency to affect the qualities of people's lives by changing the society (in large), our brain, travel, education, health, communication, environment, and economy everyday. It is present in so many corners of our lives making it nearly impossible to avoid and live without. Some even say that “technology has taken over” and that  “our professional and personal lives are now technology dependent.” Technology is allowing humans to avoid face to face, in-person interactions by connecting us through social networking instead. Technology has let us bypass many issues of the olden days and has greatly increased our access to our unbelievable amounts of knowledge from all over the world. With this idea, a study was initiated to test if high tech-savy countries have happier people. In 2012, the study found that the majority of high tech countries have higher average rates of happiness and countries with low technology access tend to not have as happy of people. 
 Another source has explained that technology has not improved the quality and value of life since it simply increases a person’s efficiency. Being more productive, they argue, is one way to increase the monetarily quality of life, however everyone eventually has chance to become that productive and nimble in time. The efficiency has a supply and demand effect on the economy, which increases consumption and materialism because it allows for more free time. Technology, they believe, didn't have as much of an impact as humans do when it comes to benefiting the quality of our life. This source also explained how developing countries with a lack in technology could greatly increase their society’s quality of life by simply having access to more technology.  
 One of the biggest positive effects of technology is its ability to impact the quality of our health. It has let us study people so deeply in depth that we would not have been able to study otherwise. We can now cure numerous diseases and vaccinate for thousands of conditions because of these modern conveniences. Because of this, living things can stay alive for longer, increasing life expectancy and being able to live healthier overall.
 Other huge positive effects it has on our life, as a society especially, is the increase in safety, transportation, and communication. Although cameras surround our everyday lives and invade our personal privacy, those cameras help us find serial killers, lawbreakers, illegal matters, and determine the truth behind history. Transport is accessible now more than ever before with cars, busses, trains, planes, boats, and others. It has enabled the world to bloom because people can become more holistic and well-rounded. As for communication, you can talk with someone on the other side of the planet with a tap of a finger. You can help with hurricane relief in seconds, you can make business transactions, and exchange ideas so easily these days. The benefits of easy communication outweighs the disadvantages by far. 
 Through these social devices, so much information can be given away about our personal life. The government has easy access to view everything we have been doing online, and it gives them an aggressive eye into who you are, your tendencies, and intentions. People who post more on social media give away more information about themselves, and they themselves release personal information that could be held against them. Not everyone shares an abundance of personal posts, but those who do could possibly be giving away more than they think and intend. 
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December 14, 2017 8:52 pm


I could not agree more with your post. We have talked about this multiple times, and the amount of influence technology has on our life makes me sad and not very hopeful for the future of our world socially. Times are most memorable when I don’t have my phone to document things. While for most it is an escape from an awkward situation, I think that people should be made more uncomfortable and have less access to phones. Not to say they should be taken away, just that some self control ought to be found for most people to just put their phones down and hold a conversation. It may be uncomfortable, but living in the comfort zone isn’t helping anyone. A website I’ll suggest is the apple website. Advertisements for the brand new phone that you need for just a few bug fixes and updates is really interesting to look at. Keep it up, chica.

Sophia Gross

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