How does music heal us? by

April 26, 2021


How does music heal us?

All of us have an artist, a composer, or just a song that puts us into a certain emotion whether that be happiness or sadness. Music has been around for so long that I wonder what it would be like if music never existed. What would we use to replace music with? Most of the time we associate songs with different memories. For example, for a couple, it could be the song that played on their first date. It’s not just about memories either. Sometimes life just hits you hard and you feeling like everything is falling apart. Then you put in your earphones and everything seems to fade away and it makes you feel a little bit better.

Music gives us a big warm hug while saying “Everything will be okay in the end you just need to keep going”. It’s like getting love but in the form of a song. Many teens turn to music when they feel like nothing works and I think it’s great. Some songs allow you to scream, cry, or even dance around in your room. This can be very therapeutic.