When we look at how we can better our day, we are generally told to do something we enjoy or to have fun, but really all you need is to think positively. Going throughout your day only thinking negative thoughts about the test you took or about to take, or about your friends or peers, only pushes our brains to push ourselves deeper into the hole or sadness or depression. One of the biggest ways to help with depression is by looking at life through a positive lens. Not only will this make you feel happier in the moment, but it will also encourage your brain to work better and faster and even allow you to get more work done.

 This article breaks into how negative thoughts drain our energy and positive thoughts stimulate and boost our energy. How we are thinking even influences the choices we make. If we are thinking positively we will pick the choice that is more fun and willing to engage us more. By thinking negatively though we look at the choice consistent with how we are feeling. This may include being sad or moping around or something that won’t stimulate our brain.

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December 11, 2023 5:44 pm

Dear Kalli, Your post made me think about how these positive and negative thoughts can influence the way we think overall. I agree with the fact that everything is based on our thoughts. Something I wonder is if it can be difficult for people to control their thoughts, more specifically if we are able to rewire the way we think.

Sincerely ,

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