How can we Handle Covid-19? by Sanjay

October 19, 2020


How can we Handle Covid-19?

Sanjay Kasturi

Judge Memorial

Recovering from Covid-19 seems like a hard thing to do. Especially living in times like these. The Atlantic says “the US should be held responsible for the outbreak.” The way that it was handled by our government was not the best. I think more tests should have been orchestrated at first. This might have shown a severity. Covid-19 seems like it’ll never end.

 But, there are some ways we can lessen the time until the U.S. can get it under control. The CDC (centers for disease control) says the “U.S. can start to handle the problem and start moving in a better direction in 12 weeks.” The catch is that everyone would have to wear masks. 

Obviously, getting everyone to wear masks will be a struggle. The truth is some people do not understand the severity of this pandemic. And to me, that is extremely selfish. This is the time to worry about not only yourself, but others as well. I think if we can come together as a nation, which is difficult but not impossible, Covid-19 will be handled.