How Can We Decrease Worldwide Homelessness and Poverty?? by Grace

October 15, 2020


How Can We Decrease Worldwide Homelessness and Poverty??

I just read an article that advocates for anti-homeless laws, explains why they exist and how homeless people are mistreated by charities and state welfare. This brings a new perspective to homelessness, an issue commonly addressed by acts of charity and state-funded relief programs. The author argues that while anti-homeless laws, require violation as means of survival, they encourage people to work hard rather than lean on the backs of their hardworking providers.

Because of the criminalization of homelessness, homeless people are forced into employment programs where they can generate capital into the economy rather than rely on those who have jobs for survival.”These are the hidden places into which homeless people are pulled once they have been pushed out of spaces of consumption through criminalization. And these programs’ goals — enforcing work — reveal the kernel of homeless people’s criminalization,” says the author.

The article I read introduces a new perspective to the solution of homelessness and poverty. Homeless criminalization depicts a transition in approach from holding those who have experienced a lack of housing, unemployment, and poverty accountable and encouraging them to work hard to regain their status in society. ” This positions homeless people — as part of the working class — to not only shrug off the oppressive yoke of poverty and exclusion from public space but to break its political-economic basis: exploitation,” says Hennigan.

So maybe acts of charity aren’t the only way to end poverty and homelessness. Maybe it’s a mix of accountability, hard work, morals, and ethics, that will combat homelessness.