The topic I chose was real estate because in due time I shall be an agent or rather own a home that I am going to rent out. The reason I picked real estate is because I found it one of the most interesting jobs today, being able to buy and sell houses and even give a home to those who need it. This is a way that I believe will become one of my main sources of income. This job requires the edict of managing and making sure what you say actually turns into fruition. This job requires about six months before you are able to fill the envelope and be able to get a license and start your retail business. The main factors in being able to rent the place you picked is all up to “location” if you have a bad location you won’t be able to rent it out as frequently and income would drop.

For my first example I will use the method of supply and demand where there is only a limited amount of land in the world. This means that there is only a certain amount of land someone can own and then it’s over but rather if you are able to own all of the land you become a millionaire.  This is all due to the fact that supply and demand are pertinent, “The law of supply and demand dictates the equilibrium price of a property. A low supply or housing inventory may drive prices up, which is what tends to result in bidding wars. A specific property may be in demand by multiple parties who all try to outbid each other by increasing their purchase price offer.” This is describing the price of the house and how it will fluctuate and change due to the process of supply and demand. 

For my second example is location and that is all dependent on how much money you are willing to put forth while there are locations at a good price range that are more of a challenge to find it . this quote “Location, location, location.” by Harold Samuel is an infamous quote because it states that the 3 most important part of real estate is location. When there is a a popular or about to blow up city the houses will be cheaper at first and than the price will fluctuate due to how many people are looking into that location.

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