Dear President

I know that you are never going to read this letter, but I will do my best of my ability to explain you how I think and what is my opinion and my issues. Maybe you can said “ I don’t care what this adolescent think, said, or you don’t care about  my issues that  I have”. Maybe when you look this letter that  said from Jesus Madrigal you throw it away, because how I am to write a letter for a president  the most important person in the world. But believe me  I am not just a adolescent. Behind this letter are a lot of adolescents that think in the same way as me.

My first issue is discrimination. I believe that one day we are all going to be equal. Why Africans Americans can’t get married with a Latino or other race without looking it as something bad or thinking how their children are going to look like. It just a color. They have two eyes, two legs, two hands. Why you think that they are different?. I don’t like when I am walking in the street and I look a sign that said “NO BLACK PEOPLE”, “NO LATINOS”, “NO CHINESE”. Do you can imagine how we feel. We feel angry, sad, frustrated because we can’t do nothing about it. I think that you maybe have the power to stop discrimination. I think everyone has the rights and freedoms set forth in this world, without distinction of race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.  

My second issue is immigration. Yes immigration of course that we need to discuss this. Immigration is one of the biggest problems in the United States of America and you know it. But is a too big problem that you will decide to ignore it. I can tell you that in this country are more than 11.7 millions of people that are immigrants. I have meet a lot of friends that are immigrants but they speak perfectly English. They live in this country since they were 3 or 5 years old. They love this country. So why are they different? just because they were not born in the United States. Why they don’t have the right to study? How we are to stop the dreams of young immigrants? Just because they don’t have a paper that said “Born in The United States”. Do you think that this is right? One day they will be doctors, Teachers, Police, Chemists, Surgeons, etc. And they can make our country a better place. Why is so difficult that an immigrant came to a university? If they want to do something good. Why we make it so difficult for them? I want to make you think about it and that we all have the power to change the world and not be ignorant for the rest of our lives. “Thinking that immigration will never going to change”.

You maybe think that is illogical to think “that one day we are all going to be equal” or “ that immigrants one day will be doctors, Teachers, Police, Chemists, Surgeons, etc.” But this is how I think, I believe and I dream. You think that we are like little kids that you just give them a candy and they stop screaming. But we don’t want just a candy. We want the whole bag and we are never going to stop screaming until you give us the whole bag.       



Jesus Madrigal

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September 15, 2017 5:11 pm

Jesus this a phenomenal letter and very well crafted. I liked all of your goals for the future and could not agree with them. My grandma immigrated here from Mexico, and Grandpa from Puerto Rico so as a second generation immigrant I can also attest that everyone just wants to do something good and deserve a place here, just as much as those born here. I also love your line that many adolescents stand behind this letter as well and that couldn’t be more true!

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