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Under the mental health section of a webmd article, we see the results to a study that asks the titular question. Its findings show that activities, such as sports or the arts, are connected not only with better a outlook on life and less intense depressive symptons, but also that their screen time also decreases. Many people believe that higher levels of screen time leads to increased levels of stress and less overall satisfaction in life. Whilst short, it still lays out the general positive affects of afterschool activities have on students.

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November 10, 2022 6:43 pm

Hi Maddison,

You don’t talk much about this issue but it seems to say that you think that having extra activities to do after school could improve the mental health of many. Things such as sports, clubs, or even hobbies.

I just wanted to say that I completely disagree!!!! Personally, I stay after school for so long and many days of the week, it is so tiring and exhausting to HAVE to stay after school. Im a person in ASB so I put in many hours at my school and at my community so I am always tired and stressed, I would love to have a break and just stay at home. Though there are times when it is fun and relaxing like staying after school to see sports matches/games.


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