What is hope? For me, hope means dreams, and dreams created the world. Everyone lives with hope, people die with their hope or they die in the soul if they lose their hope. Hope creates a person. When we were children, we wanted to be firefighters, that hope. We wanted to go to space, that hope too. There are many different ways to achieve our hopes, mostly Bootstrapping and Systemic Barriers. Bootstrapping is the belief that as hard-working we do, as more money or success we get. While Systemic Barriers believe that what we get, and where we go depend on our class in society.

The main character “Junior” in Sherman Alexie’s “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” is a great example of achieving his hope by bootstrapping himself. He wants the world to pay attention to him. But to get it, the first thing he needs is to leave the rez, to find the people like him. We are the average of our 5 friends. The people in the reservation lost their hope, and if Junior keeps living with them, he will be affected by their thoughts. He wants to get out of the rez, meet more people, and release himself from poverty. That is what Junior must do, to make his dream come true.

Like everyone else, I have hope too. I want to have a lot of money and be happy. So the first thing I will do is go to a college that is not in my town, maybe in Bridgehampton or somewhere else that does not belong to NYC. I moved, and I know the good of it. Getting rich by going to the biggest economy, is not a bad idea right, even though it needs a little bit of luck? Moving out of our safe zone is a great way to achieve our dreams, like Junior.

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