Not all of us can be taught by a wizard. There is a classic argument about whether it is better for children to be homeschooled versus conventionally schooled. In homeschooling, teaching occurs inside of a private home. Conventional schooling is the more traditional way of teaching, in a public or private setting. Homeschooling is better than conventional schooling because it allows for a customized way of teaching and results in better outcomes for students.

Homeschooling has a more flexible and customizable curriculum than conventional programs, contributing to its success. Students that are homeschooled are able to accomplish more things during the day. These students, especially teens, are able to get the proper amount of sleep and do not have to worry about using time to drive to school. Homeschooling is centered around the idea of one-on-one teaching, meaning the student has more personal time with their teacher and they gain more confidence to answer more questions (Barbieri). Students also learn at their own pace more when they are homeschooled, which is “the main reason home education is so different from school” (Barbieri). The customized nature of homeschooling means that every student, no matter their challenges or gifts, is included. 

Homeschool results in better emotional, social, and academic development of students versus traditional school. There is a general social stigma about kids who are homeschooled: that they are not very social. However, children who are homeschooled usually have stronger relationships with their parents, as well as with their peers (Valiente). As a result, those students feel more content, tolerant, and optimistic (Valiente). Additionally, homeschooled students are academically more advanced than their traditional peers. Recent research established that “homeschool students significantly outperformed conventionally schooled children” (Valiente). Homeschooled students score higher on tests, they have more confidence, and they are socially and emotionally developed. Homeschooling is the better educational alternative academically, socially, and emotionally. 

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