Dear Oakland Teenagers who do not know other teens who are homeless,

We are writing to you because we want you to know about children who do not have a home. Also, for you to have consideration and empathy for these children. We hope that after reading this letter you help children who are homeless more.

According to our research, Children who are homeless is a public health issue because children do not have healthy food to eat and are not going to the doctor and dentist.

The first problem that homeless children face is not having healthy food. According to the article titled “Homelessness and Oral Health” they explain “Unreliable sources of food and inadequate nutrition reduce a homeless person’s oral health. Persons who obtain food from garbage cans or stores and restaurants that donate leftover food are more likely to have gross decay.” All homeless people are harmed by food because that food they eat could cause illness.

The second problem for homeless children is they do not go to the doctor or dentist as much. For example, in the report titled “Homelessness and Oral Health” which was published in June 1999 it explains that” More homeless children have never seen a dentist than children from families with low incomes who were living in houses.7 Among homeless children ages 5 to 9 years, 96 percent required dental care and 44 percent had pain or infection” ( This is significant because it is a problem that they haven’t seen a dentist before. This is wrong because for example what if a child wants to eat something and is in pain or they are not eating well they wouldn’t grow. Homeless children is a public health issue.

We gave a survey to people of Oakland, Richmond and San francisco. 

The people who took the survey were people between 14 and 18 years old and the majority was from Oakland and Richmond. 

Figure #1: This graph is titled “What is the biggest worry for someone without a home?” and it illustrates that the biggest worry according to the opinions of the people surveyed that food is the biggest worry. For example, 44% of people think food is the biggest worry which is two times more than medical care and violence.

Figure #2:It is titled “If Oakland had One Goal, what do you think Oakland should do to help the homeless?” It shows that 88% of the people that did the survey said provide homes. 

Figure #6: The Graph is titled “ Why do you think children are homeless?” and it shows that 64% of respondents think it is because of their parents.

It is clear from the graphs Oakland needs more empathy and needs to be nicer to Homeless people because children are running away because of mean parents, Oakland has a housing crisis and people need homes, and homeless people don’t feel safe or have what they need. We need to be nicer.

Based on the Survey and Research as Upstander for Children who are Homeless we need to educate people about the issue and provide Food and a Dentist/Doctor for free.

Aim #1: Educate

We are going to hang up papers on the windows in stores in Oakland. We will do liquor and grocery stores because a lot of people go there, especially right now. We would include our graphs on these papers to educate people. A challenge we may have is that people won’t actually read them.

Aim #2: Give Food

To give food, we can do a foodbank at our school (life academy). But first we would give paper out saying that it would be free food for people. Something that would go wrong is people actually not going. Also, we may be giving out food they may not like.

Aim #3: Give Dentist / Doctors

If we had all the money we would provide dentists and doctors for homeless children. The doctors can drive to those who are homeless. They can go two times each month. They can focus on the whole family. They would be paid by a foundation and we would raise money. Something that can be a challenge is that the child has never been to a dentist and is scared and may not want to go. Also, it is possible that the family moves.

We would know if we were successful if we give out our survey again and see if the results change. Also, we would want 20 people to come to the food bank. And we would be successful if the doctor met with everyone who needed it.

Thank you for listening. Are you willing to help now? Can we count on you?

Fanny & Monse

Work Cited

Hassan, Anser. “Homeless Encampment Filled with Women and Children Torn down in Oakland.” ABC7 San Francisco, 7 Dec. 2018,
“The Daily Beast.” The Daily Beast, The Daily Beast Company,

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October 26, 2020 3:16 pm

This is definitely a sad truth for most kids as well as adults who are homeless. I like how you included solution or aims that will further implement change in not only the Oakland community but also many communities or cities outside of this one. This post was very up front and I think a lot of people don’t understand what is actually going on in the world around them.

October 9, 2020 6:56 pm

This is the devastating truth for a lot of young children. I think you had a lot of really good facts in your article that I don’t think most people have thought about. Often when we think about homeless kids or people we think about how they aren’t getting enough to eat or enough clean water and those are still very important things but I don’t think a lot of people think about things like the dentist or the doctor. You had some very eye-opening thoughts.

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