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History Defines

Many people have different views on what it means to be American.The one trait that stands among every American is working hard and never giving up. Percy Jackson (main character in The Lightning Thief) has similar traits to Martin Luther King Jr. According to Martin Luther King Jr. was harassed and bullied for trying to make everyone treated equally.

In the book, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson has a seemingly impossible task. If he fails he will die. When everything seems to be going against him he always believed that he would accomplish the task. Despite everything that came at him he never gave up and accomplished his mission. I believe many American leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. are examples of how never giving up and working hard can accomplish many great things. Many people hated him, many people thought it would be impossible for him to accomplish his goals. He never gave up, he always believed in what he was doing. I believe people such as Martin Luther King Jr. are examples of how Americans always succeed in what is right.

Rick Riordan shows American values he learned through characters in his books.  Rick Riordan grew up in San Antonio, Texas. When growing up he learned about American leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and George Washington. All schools teach you about them because they show how American values such as working hard and never giving up can accomplish important and seemingly impossible tasks. Rick Riordan took the American values he learned and the knowledge he knew about history to connect ancient myths to modern day America. For example in The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson has to go in the underworld and retrieve a lightning bolt (Riordan 43). He did not know how to use his powers but he still tried. Everyone thought he would fail but he proved them wrong. Percy Jackson is one of the many examples of how Rick Riordan uses American values to define the personality of characters in his books.

In the history of our country many leaders have shown how never giving up can accomplish good goals. Martin Luther King Jr. One example of the hardships Martin Luther King Jr. had to face was a bus boycott. According to “The bus boycott involved 382 days of walking to work, harassment, violence and intimidation for the Montgomery’s African-American community.” Imagine walking everyday for over a year being bullied and made fun of. Many people would give up but Martin Luther King Jr. never did. The protests finally ended when the city of Montgomery got rid of the law mandating segregated public transportation ( Martin Luther King Jr. defines American values.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Percy Jackson show how never giving up can accomplish any goal despite having everything go against you. Martin Luther King Jr. always believed he was going to accomplish his goal to make America equal for everyone. Percy Jackson also believed he was going to accomplish his goals or everyone he loved would die. Percy Jackson and Martin Luther King Jr. both never give up and work hard to accomplish their goal. Martin Luther King Jr. helped shape our countries into one where everyone is equal and treated fairly. Percy Jackson also shaped his world into being safer than it was before.


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