Historic Preservation by Lexany

March 30, 2022


Historic Preservation

What is Historic Preservation you must ask? A Historic Preservation is someone who identifies, evaluates, preserves, and interprets sites that are historically or culturally significant.┬áIf you’re into any of this then I would highly recommend you do this job. There are many different types of positions in this field. Some of the positions in the field focus on protecting the nation’s important historical and cultural resources so that anyone in the future is able to enjoy them. A bachelor’s degree in this field is or in history is required to do this job.

I believe that this is a very eye-opening job. I believe that it is very eye-opening because many people learn about other histories and don’t really pay attention but going into this field you are aware of everything and it becomes more interesting. I love reading about how different things have changed the way people have viewed things and how life has evolved over time.