“Hip Hip Wars” by Tricia Rose Review by Arual

October 21, 2021


“Hip Hip Wars” by Tricia Rose Review

I’m 20 pages into “Hip Hop Wars” by Tricia Wars and my view on the musical genre of hip hop/rap has truly shifted. Hip hop fans, myself included, would truly benefit from this reading. It’s very educational and fans would have a great time exploring new found facts of this popular genre, and what it has came to be. Rose goes into specific detail about how hip hop became to be and how the overall culture has changed since the origin of this genre. From describing the struggles and hardships of African-Americans, to making it a priority to talk about the gangsta-pimp-ho trinity, rap has began to lose sight of its true origin and has made it a goal to please white people and make sure they are satisfied with the content. “Why did a sub-style based on hustling, crime, sexual domination, and drug dealing become rap’s cultural and economic calling card, and thus the key icon for the hip hop generation” (Rose,13). Rose is a very blunt author and is not afraid to tell like it is. She uses great language to help readers visualize the message she is trying to convey. Tricia Rose informs readers of a very prominent and influential topic of today’s time; telling the story of rap and what it has become today.