I remember it was late at night, I was playing video games with my two friends having fun and laughing like always, After a while it was only my other friend and me playing a different game while the other one was just on the call, talking with us and making jokes. Out of nowhere he asks us if we want to go hiking tomorrow morning, It was very sudden and of course at that time of the night anything mentioned is very funny so we started laughing and making jokes about being chased by bears, after about 10 minutes of making jokes and laughing non stop we settled down and asked where is the place and he told us, its called “breakneck ridge” we made more jokes about it but then asked when would we have to go and how long it takes till we get there, we had to wake up at 5 AM in the morning, I had an alarm to make sure I wake up, I went to sleep excited because it was something I have never done.

So I went to sleep and after about 5 hours which felt like minutes I woke up to my annoying alarm, or that’s what I usually think of when I wake up to go to school, but this time I was happy to hear the alarm because our trip is about to start, I used the bathroom and got ready quickly to leave the house, everyone was obviously sleeping still. I left my house and started walking to my other friends house which is about 10 minutes away, probably less, I saw him then we started walking to our other friends house so we can take an Uber to the train station, while my friend and I walked to our other friend’s house we crossed the street, of course we checked our surroundings and see if it is our right of way to go and it was, but not for this lady I guess, half away crossing the street this woman driving her car in high speed approaches us but luckily presses hard on the breaks to stop the car, even though she was wrong she got mad and started yelling at us or whatever but my friend flipped her off and we said some things and kept walking. she was definitely crazy but we didn’t mind it and kept walking to a store to buy snacks and water for the trail. After some walking we made it to our friends house and took an Uber to take us to the train station, after we arrive we got our tickets and waited for the train and while waiting it was only the three of us there, the weather was really cool but felt comfortable. The train arrives and we get on it, it was very exciting to go on a train which felt like we were traveling to another country together, it wasn’t these common subway trains like the ones from NYC, the one we went on felt like the ones from movies or Anime’s when the characters travel somewhere far to a different place.

After about two hours on two different trains we arrive at our destination and get off the train. As soon as I stepped out, the little cold breeze i felt was something i haven’t felt in months, it was amazing, even though it was winter and there wasn’t greenery the place was very relaxing and mesmerizing, it was very quiet, barley any cars passing by and the mountains around us, the river, even some water coming out of the mountains looked glorious, from that moment I knew the day will be very fun and such a core memory that I will never forget.

We went to the start of the trail, I took out my phone and started taking pictures and recording, we look up and the first climb was already ridiculous, big rocks everywhere and it was pretty steep, I started recording it and after a couple of minutes we were out of breathe already, the rocks were cold because of the weather so grabbing on them and climbing up felt great, we kept going up until we found an old abandoned water storage that was built in 1900’s, that is what it was carved on the stone, then we kept climbing and climbing until we made it to the first place where it is flat, we were already really high, you see the cars as small objects moving, the big river and mountain far front of us standing there majestically, it was already a beautiful view to look at.

We kept on following the trail knowing we were still far away from the top but every step was enjoyable and amazing, you can smell the pure nature, a smell you don’t get living around the city, the more we climbed up the better view we got, we finally made it really high to the top, or that’s what we thought, we looked far up and there is much more to climb, it was tiring when we realized it but exciting because we wanted to see how much higher up we’ll get, every time we reached a new peak there was more to go. Finally after a good amount of walking up the trail we made it to the top and the view something I was not expecting, the sun shinning behind the clouds looked beautiful, everything under us looked really small and it felt like something I was not able to describe in words.

It was such an amazing trip, especially with people that are that close to me, we got to do something that I will always remember for the rest of my life, hopefully the up coming Monday we will be doing that again but on a longer and more challenging trail, I’m excited to do something like this one last time with my friends that I probably won’t get to see every day or week anymore, After high school we will all be busy with our new lives like college and other things and we’ll barley have time to see each other, but hopefully every time we do we make it worth it. I also hope in the future we still stay in touch and go places maybe even around the world, that is definitely something I would want to do with people that I’m close with.

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