High Schoolers Feeding the Community by Ana

November 8, 2021


High Schoolers Feeding the Community

In the article, “Feeding the Community” I learned that a group of high school students from Texas work in their school’s grocery shop. Linda Tutt High School has opened a student-run grocery shop that is available to its students and those in need. The shop includes everything from produce to shampoo. The students receive points that they can spend in the store without having to pay a dime. Once a week, the store is also open to the public (people in need of groceries or other utilities).

Do you think that your school should open a grocery store?

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I think that in times like this, a student grocery shop where everything is free and available for students and their families is a big help and something needed in every school. Students can earn points based on the size of their families. They can even help around their school to earn points to spend in the store. Every school, especially those with high poverty rates, should have something like this to help their students and the community.

Source: https://upfront.scholastic.com/issues/2020-21/041921/feeding-the-community.html (Subscription required)