Hiding Out In Kindergarten: Edwin by Niki Fayne

July 18, 2022


Hiding Out In Kindergarten: Edwin

Edwin is a child in my kindergarten class who comes into class each morning and picks a chapter book from the book crate. He is quiet and well-behaved and seems to be on task.  When I conduct a reading assessment, I realize that, while he knows his letters and sounds, he has very limited word recognition.  He does not seem to know how to blend sounds into words.  In addition, he has few sight words. Why was he pretend-reading chapter books?

I assign children to reading groups.  Edwin is with other emergent readers.  He seems very uncomfortable when he is asked to read a sentence in a predictable or decodable text.  In fact, he often seems to be unfocused. However, when he speaks to me one-on-one, he has a really sophisticated command of the language and an extensive knowledge base.  The rest of the emergent readers in his group do not have his oral language capability or his fund of knowledge. They lack his sophistication. However, they are learning to read the words in their predictable texts.  They are making way better progress than he is.

By December, Edwin is absent at least one or two days per week.  He seems less and less engaged.  He stares into space when he is in school.  He never makes trouble.  He just zones out.

Should I refer him to the intervention assistance team? There is a huge discrepancy between his oral skills and his reading ability.