Heyo! by Anaee

May 1, 2019



My name is Anaee and I am 15 years old about to turn 16. I was born in Ecuador but came to the states when I was only few months old. I don’t really know what else to answer because I am not very aware of who i really am but, I do know I like music a lot and I’m very open to listen to all types of music. I am not very good at arguing with people and I’m very emotional when it comes to most things. My circle of friends is very small because I have a hard time making friends but i’m fine with that because I love my friends and it’s a lot less drama. I make a lot of friends online that I also very much cherish because they make my day brighter and with them I share a lot of interests that we talk about all day and everyday. A turning point in my life would be the very beginning of 2018 when I was told something very special that really made me think different and also made my life just a tad bit brighter and I will always remember what was said to me because even to this day, those exact words keep me going.  

If I’m being honest I do not like most things in school for various reasons but there are still things I can tolerate for example, my guitar class or my friends at school. Guitar class is fun because the teacher is very nice and comfortable to be around and it’s the same with a few other teachers that I don’t have but do know. I don’t find school very helpful to my own well-being but I have to go if i want the slightest chance of living a stable life. By “stable life” I mean being able to live in an apartment with a air conditioning for when it’s hot and also heat for when it’s cold and if i’m lucky, then maybe also a functioning bathroom. Moving on, I am good at handing in my work late or not at all which is very bad but i’m good at it so it counts. On a more serious note, I actually don’t have an idea of what i am good at in school (the things school does to ya) so i don’t know how to give a proper answer to this question.

What i enjoy outside of school? I love having my own time outside of school but even then it’s limited because of school so i don’t enjoy it for much since the essay I have due the next day is just looming over my shoulder, waiting for me as a student to do her duties, but will i do them? The answer is no. However there is something I like doing and that is the trip home. I find it relaxing to look around my surroundings even if i dislike the rush of the city. My school is downtown Manhattan meanwhile my apartment is uptown in a different borough so it’s not often the chance I get to go downtown because my parents are very over protective of me and plus, it’s New York, it’s dangerous. I’ve always stayed at home mostly because I don’t have a lot of friends and because my parents always prefer me to stay at home so going out a lot is something I want to do now that I’m older and closer to being an adult.