Anthony Magana Sarabia

Ms portugal


         Hi, My name is Anthony Magana.This is my shadow box.  For some, it may look goofy for others but it can be relatable. For me, it’s my life in a flash.I get really happy and then I get that “eh”feeling, It’s my shadow box, my humor is funny, for others it’s dark and this box represents me. Yellow for my hope and future dreams and wishes but also is the black of my love for games and basketball the dice with 3 and 2 combine them and you get 32 my lucky number.The yellow side shows all my aspires that I want to complete but at the same time my life flashes fast.The taste for fun is non existent, meaning I don’t know if i’m happy right now I don’t know if i will be happy when those times come.I don’t reach for the stars i reach for the sky is high but not that high just how i like it to be i would like the avg, life I know that sound bad but for me that’s perfect for me and I hope that it will be like that…The same cycle until I turn 50 or 60 and I retire sure i’ll have some fun,sure I had some good friends but the sad things you will probably remember 1-6 of them(friends) when your way older some forget about you or you forget about them that’s just how my life is but there’s one group of friends that will never forget you that’s your family.If you have a good or bad relation with them they’ll always be family the thing that separates them from friends is blood they will be with you through good and bad even if its 1 of them.MICH.standing for michoacan my state were I was raised where i was until 1st grade. I am a catholic thats a picture of jesus and the virgin mary throughout life I always prayed when we were doing good and when we were doing bad.Lastly the this box represents me in a good way because it does not show a plastic version of me and I’ll never be one I was born with real skin not plastic.

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October 24, 2018 4:20 pm

Dear, Anthony

I felt empowered when I read your shadow box because it is different from other people boxes. Something I learn from you is that your humor is funny but it can be dark too. I like your box because it’s different and the colors mean something for example you said yellow represents that you are funny and bright and but it can be dark. That is very cool that you did that because I haven’t seen anyone do that.

October 10, 2018 6:26 pm

Dear Anthony,
I really like your shadow box and artist statement. I like the way you wrote it and a lot of what you said was pretty relatable. I also learned a lot about you which is cool because we don’t really talk like that. I also like the reasoning on why you included those colors on your shadow box. But, I don’t understand why you chose black to represent your love for games and basketball.

Overall, your shadow box + artist statement was interesting to read and look at.


October 10, 2018 2:43 pm

Reading this post about you was really eye opening. It allowed me to realize that people aren’t what they seem on the outside. When you said, “I don’t reach for the stars i reach for the sky” did you mean that you don’t feel that you have the ability to go above and beyond or did you mean something else? Overall, your piece was really enjoyable and I loved the images that accompanied it.

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