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Natalie Rojas

For my modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet I decided to write a poem of how Romeo and Juliet connects to my life now. My poem is about love at first sight. Do you really fall in love with one person and stay with them forever. How you would fight for them or even die for them because they are your loved one. Without the person you truly love you were smaller than dust, you were nothing. But love isn’t really that, well at least not for me, not in my life. My friends always tell me their stories of how they loved someone but somehow their love grew apart, or how one person wasn’t ready and you would wait for them because they were the one you truly loved. I don’t think they should stress so much of being in pain of how their heart got broken and how much they miss this person. From my point of view breakups or getting heartbroken isn’t ugly, yes it’s painful but they are beautiful they help you grow. Different people help you grow. You had laughs, memories, you had everything together at one point but it all doesn’t last forever. You shouldn’t hold a grudge of how they hurt you and if they hurt you why would you go back again to hurt more. You should let it go be thankful for the memories and live your lives, in the end they made you stronger. Its beautiful to see everyone grow and let their pain be set free. That’s what I decided to base my poem on love, if love is really at first sight. Love is profound word, love for everyone is different and it sure is for me.

It’s All Different

Natalie Rojas

Is love really love at first sight

I always thought love was how it was in the movies

You fall in with one person

And throughout time they became your happy ending

Even when the leaves tumble down onto the floor

They stood high up

And their love never grew apart

Their love was much greater than the love they had for themselves

They would just do about anything to be with each other

They would die for each other

But was that really true?

I questioned myself this everyday, is that what love really is?

Is it really falling in love with one person and not falling out of it?

Eventually growing up I realized love

Well love, love is different for everybody

But for me love is much more

Love are the heartbreaks

The smiles

The laughs

The memories

They are everything

You feel like you have everything you need

You feel safe

Each morning you wake up

Each night you fall asleep

You tell each other

I love you

Words you never knew you would tell each other

Such profound words

Who knew words had so much meaning

But then eventually the love grows apart

It just goes back deep in the ocean

The love you had for each other drowns

You felt broken

You call it being heartbroken

You say i’m hurting

You say I will never love again

But heartbreaks aren’t ugly and disgusting

Yes it hurts

It feels like you will never stop crying

That when you cry everything will start to crumble

Everything will slowly collapse

That’s what it feels like

But why are holding all this pain

Why don’t you see that heartbreaks are so much more than pain

They help you grow

They are from different people

Its different pain

Its different happiness

The beauty is in all of this

It helps you bloom

You will bloom and you will be up high lost in the stars

You will feel like you’re daydreaming

But you’re not

This is real

This is what it feels like to grow

So why focus on all this pain of how your love grew apart

If at the end it made you grow

You will find happiness

You just have to try because somewhere

Just somewhere you will find happiness

Eventually you will grow into something much greater

When you realize how to let go of all this pain and be free

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February 9, 2018 3:52 am

This piece was beautiful. I’m sure the poem was optional but thank you for expressing yourself in that manner. It was creative and by far the most interesting piece I read on this website.
Vesna Sot

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