Dear Mr. President,

Child abuse. What does that mean to you? Well to those who are concerned it is both mental and physical maltreatment that harms a child. Child abuse, in definition, is physical maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child. But, according to what you say and the way you act towards a child can harm them mentally as well.

Did you know that 3.6 million referrals are made to child protection service agencies each year ? According to almost 60,000 of those kids are sexually abused. And that about 1,670 to 1740 children die each year due to abuse and neglect. Can these kids get help? These kids are our future. These kids will grow up to change the world, do we want what they went through to continue in our nation? We need to decrease the amount of kids that are being abused. Of course, I want it to be zero, but that’s a dream. So why not do what we can to just decrease the abuse. The united states has one of the worst records for child abuse among industrialized nations. How can we help them ? Where did it all start?

Some risks that can begin child abuse are social isolation from families, history of domestic abuse (most famous one), disabilities in children can increase burden upon the parent and/or guardians, and also community violence. All these can spark up child abuse.  And as these kids get older, some will continue these cycles of child abuse. They may grow to be hooked on drugs and alcohol. They will be violent. And their kids will feel their pain, and their kids, kids will feel their pain, and their kids, kids, kids will feel their pain. Let’s stop the child abuse cycle.

And maybe we can’t stop it from happening , but  we can most definitely help the situation. We can get people involved. Teach the facts of child abuse, minimize the opportunity of it, offer support,  talk to the kids and get them to open up about it, we can break the cycles.  I have a friend that went through similar abuse. Her mom boyfriend was molesting her, and her mom didn’t believe her. It made her feel ashamed and no good. She opened up about and now that man is in jail. She told her story and put a bad man away.  Now she graduated school and in college to be a social worker for kids. All because she had an ear. Someone for her to listen to her. Let’s do this for these kids. Let’s be their ear.

Mr. President help us spread the word about child abuse and decrease it in our nation. Help our kids, who are the future of our nation. We need to stop the maltreatment of these children. We need to find these people that are harming these kids and put them away. Our babies shouldn’t have to suffer no more. Mr. President be their ear and help us make a difference.




Briaja Smith

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October 27, 2017 5:30 pm

Dear Briaja,
Your post stood out to me a lot because I am totally against child abuse. I feel that child abuse can ruin a child’s life and make kid’s feel like nothing and hate themselves which can cause them to kill themselves. Most people don’t pay attention to the ones who are hurting inside and out from child abuse and it needs to change. If more people speak’s up and show evidence that this is not okay, child abuse around the world can change forever.

October 27, 2017 3:57 pm

Dear Briaja,
I am satisfied with your post because there are many people like you that want to help kids who are abused, help them to not get treated bad and have the future they always wanted. One thing you said that stands out for me is,” All because she had an ear. Someone for her to listen to her. Lets do this for these kids. Lets be their ear.” I think this is intelligent because you want us people to listen to all the kids who are hurt and in pain. You want the need for them and by that, we need to hear there voices.

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