I am researching whether healthcare is beneficial in the long run as well as how it would affect the economy if universal healthcare was set in place. Healthcare has been a significant issue since the early 1800s but only recently has become an issue voiced by more people.  In 1906, the American Association of Labor Legislation (AALL) was passed and lead to the campaign of health insurance. In 1915, a bill was passed that limited coverage to the working class as well as other citizens who earned less than $1200 a year (“A Brief History: Universal HealthcareEfforts in the US”). Mind you, in today’s economy, $1,200 is roughly equivalent to $31,000. With this bill, the citizen was able to have access to physicians, nurses, and hospitals as well as other benefits. From this time on, the issue of healthcare became more and more prevalent with inflation and lack of job opportunities.

The general category of people who are affected by lack of healthcare are the vulnerable people. More specifically, the economically disadvantaged, racial and ethnic minorities, low-income children, the elderly, the homeless, individuals with severe chronic illnesses, and those who are severely mentally ill. (“Vulnerable People: Who Are They?) All of these people are at risk because they do not have access to the services needed in order to live their lives in the healthiest ways possible. As the wage gap grows, the more people there are who can’t afford healthcare. In order to have a properly functioning society, there must first be healthy people in order to keep the society working.

There have been many propositions in an attempt to fix the problem of universal healthcare. The main reason we do not have a universal healthcare plan right now is mainly due to opposing sides creating arguments against healthcare. Many people claim that doctors and physicians do not get paid enough for their work, so having health care would benefit only the citizens. Citizens also claim that doctors do not listen to us when we have complaints so it wouldn’t be worth it to have a universal healthcare (“Ten Reasons Why American Healthcare is so Bad”). There are also claims that healthcare is not a human right, therefore we are not inherently given the right to be healthy (“Healthcare is Not a Human Right”). 

There are many solutions to solving the problem of universal healthcare. Overall, it would benefit everyone in the long run. Looking at the example of some European countries who have created a universal healthcare plan, we can create a model based off of their system. Given, their population sizes are significantly smaller than the United States, therefore it would present a challenge for us, but it could easily be overcome. In order to create a successful healthcaare system, the main focus should be the wellbeing of everyone, not just who gets more money and who benefits the most (“Does Universal Healthcare Make Everyone’s Life Better?”). Despite a growing wage gap, there should be equality of service meaning that no matter how much your salary is you can still afford to be healthy. It is crucial that individuals are healthy so that there can be preventaion of disease outbreaks. It is also crucial because no one should have to worry about paying off a bill for a medical condition out of their control. 

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January 17, 2020 8:39 pm

Such a timely topic with the election–I wonder if you can weave in what specific candidates’ plans are. What concerns me, like many of our social issues, is that those who are the most impacted often have the least power in our society. Universal healthcare, if sustainable, would ideally give individuals access to a more equitable life/better life with improved health. Health is truly a human right.

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