Dear Gavin Newsom 

   In 2018 there were 22 million undocumented people in the United States that did not have health coverage (  Kaiser family foundation  ). Knowing that California has many undocumented people, that means a lot of these undocumented citizens live in your state.  If this was in 2018 imagine how many immigrants to this day don’t have health insurance, this happens every day that an immigrant needs help with healthcare but the United States is really disregarded to this problem. 

   Our team has been trying to help Latinx immigrants who are undocumented to get help when they need it. I still believe that there is still a lot of work that we can do to help immigrants get the right treatment. We envision getting the right materials to help immigrants. Based on our research the issue being addressed is immigration reform and health. This issue matters because we believe that all lives should equally receive healthcare options. Despite the fact of their citizenship status it would be an act of dehumanization in the land of free if immigrants don’t receive the resources that everybody has.

   People don’t think how hard it is for an immigrant to get help and trust me I have seen my parents struggle. This affects immigrants’ pockets because they have to either take care of their health or not eat or pay rent, this also impacts their mental status. They are stressing about how much money they are going to spend or not having enough money to pay. In the article called “Can Undocumented Immigrants Qualify for Welfare?” By Colin Deppen it talks about undocumented can not get welfare benefits. Deppen states “The network says undocumented immigrants do not qualify for welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, and most other public benefits. It also says most of these programs require proof of legal immigration status and under the 1996 welfare law”(Deppen). Additionally immigrants can’t get any help for food, Medicaid etc. These are basic human needs and well the United States doesn’t want to give it to immigrants. These people are working hard here and the United States doesn’t even want to help them even if it’s basic needs, immigrants aren’t getting the benefits that they deserve.

   To add on, for many immigrants if someone gets hurt they can’t seek help because of how much it would cost if they get help or it is very limited.  In the article called “Health Coverage and Care of Undocumented Immigrants” by Samantha Artiga, Director of the Disparities Policy Project,  and Maria Diaz, is a Policy Analyst with the Kaiser Family Foundation program about Medicaid, who  write about the challenges that immigrants face. They also talk about new laws that the president is doing about immigrants. One of Artiga’s facts says “Undocumented immigrants face barriers to accessing care due to their high uninsured rates. Many delay or go without needed care. Undocumented immigrants can obtain low-cost care through community health centers, but this care is often limited to preventive and primary care, leaving them with challenges in accessing specialty services” (Artiga and Diaz). Even if immigrants get help they are still very limited which like it said in the article “leaving them with challenges’ ‘. This must be very stressful for them to not get enough to survive.

   In order to prove that people have been denied form health care we surveyed the Bay Area especially Oakland. We surveyed these people because we knew that at least someone knows one person who is an immigrant. We made 20 questions for the community to answer and we got 23 survey responses. 43.5% said that they haven’t been denied healthcare, but 39.1% have said that they have been denied healthcare and 17.4% said that they did not know this is showing that people aren’t really informed of healthcare. The community feels different about the healthcare some trust is (13.0%) but others don’t really trust it (39.1%). 15 people of our community said that they do not live off food stamps.

Figure 1: Respondents that have been denied from Healthcare. 23 people were asked if they have been denied healthcare 39.1% have been denied. This is effective because people need more healthcare options available to them.

Figure 2: Participants level of trust for healthcare systems. 39.1% of the respondents said that they somewhat trust the healthcare system but 26.1% said that they trust the healthcare a little. We need more healthcare systems that show the support that they are giving people and showing that healthcare is trustworthy.

Figure 3: Participants who live off food stamps. 15 people have said that they do not live off food stamps. This is effective because the majority of people said that they don’t live off food stamps, only 3 people said that they do live off food stamps. This is showing that only 3 people are getting the help while 15 people might be struggling. 

   Based on our community research, actions that my team and I will take to help improve our public issue is to contact the immigrant our first aim is to spread the word out of why immigrants have the right to healthcare,our second aim is to build a hospital just for immigrants in each state that is closer to the border, our last aim is to immigrants check ups and give resources to immigrants that have just crossed the border like food banks and medical insurance.

Aim #1: inform the world through social media 

   My team and I will create a statistics sheet. This sheet will be media and propaganda. This sheet will be titled “no one is illegal in a stolen land.”. This will be effective because people would be educated on why immigrants having access to healthcare is important as anyone else’s having access, we would provide resources for people to see. Our supplies are our research from our research tracker and posting on our social media. Budget should be $0. Information we need is just from that research tracker. Obstacles we know we will face  would be that people who are heterodoxy about our post. 

Aim #2: build hospital for immigrants 

   Our second aim is to build a hospital just for the immigrants in every state but build more than 1 in the states that are closer to the border such as, California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, etc. it will be the most effective because immigrants NEED health care and theses hospitals might be their only option/resource. This aim connects to the social change tatic: Building Alternative Institutions. Steps that my team and I will take to make this hospital possible is to start a petition and will try to get as many signatures that prove that people actually support this idea and show it to the governor of each state. After that, we will build the hospital and add the same resources any hospital would have. Our hospital would have spanish speakers so latinx people feel comfortable with the doctors attending them.Obstacles my team and I are well aware we will face is that there will not be enough signatures for the hospitals to happen. Obstacles my team and I are well aware we will face is that there will not be enough signatures for the hospitals to happen.

Aim #3:  Fundraising and support for immigrants 

   Our third aim is to get medicine, check ups to supervise if they have any problems like carrying any diseases/illness, first aid kits, and food/medical resources such as food banks and medical insurance to the immigrants that have just crossed the border. We are giving out long lasting food and medicine so that they can start from there. My team and I know that this is illegal. Which connects to the social change tatic: Civil Disobedience and Direct Service.Steps my team and I will take it to fundraise in order to buy all the food and medicine we will be giving out.  We will also have another pedition so that many people can help us do this illicit action.Some obstacles my team and I know that we will face is that there won’t be enough money or that someone will tell the authorities about this illegal action while signing the pediton. 

   My team and I will know our aims and actions will be successful if the people and immigrants have listened to us and have changed the healthcare system guidelines. My team and I will know our aims and actions will be successful if there is an available hospital for immigrants in every state. My team and I will know our aims and actions will be successful if immigrants come to the United States healthy and easily find the health sources they have access to.We will measure our success if we resurvey the bay area again and see if they or the immigrants people know are able to access all the needs they need in order to live a long and healthy life. Quantitative and qualitative to determine if our actions are successful is if immigrants know if they are aware of the food and healthcare resources they have or that if they even have them. Finally we would re survey the community to see if people are struggling or if they have been denied to healthcare.

 Thank you for listening to our concerns, Gavin Newsom. We hope that in the future we can supersede this problem. It is within us to make a better future for everyone. #healthcareforveryone #all lives are equal #no one is illegal in stolen land

Work cited

Artiga, Samantha, and Maria Diaz. “Health Coverage and Care of Undocumented Immigrants.” The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 7 Oct. 2019,

Deppen, Colin. “Can Undocumented Immigrants Qualify for Welfare Benefits?” Pennlive, 28 Mar. 2017,

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