He remembers being dropped off at headstart and crying until it was over. 
He remembers waking up in the middle of the night to see his brother after a long day, it felt like it was the only time he sees him.
He remembers awaking in the the wee hours screaming extremely realistic nightmares and mom saying a prayer to calm him down.
He remembers his graduation from elementary school.
He remembers the huge water fights on his block on the scorching hot days, the water drying instantly after touching the burning surface.
He remembers mom boiling water to bathe when the hot water would shut off .
He remembers his first job.  
He remembers cleaning the projects all summer.  
He remembers his first check which was short.
He remembers saving his father’s life at a young age.
He remembers the bed shaking rapidly and the tears dripping down his face as he ran to get help.  
He remembers seeing his mom in a hospital for what felt like forever.  
He remembers mom and dad’s warmest hugs on the coldest days.  
He remembers summer days with his sister at camp.  
He remembers her always looking out for him till this day.  
He remembers finding out he was going to be a uncle and finding out his brother was having a little girl.  
He remembers all the family dinners ,all the car rides and road trips.  
He remembers his first time on a plane and first time leaving the country, and when he landed in Mexico.
He remembers the smiles and laughs from his parents and siblings.  
He remembers all his brothers jokes that always seemed to lighten the mood no matter what.
He remembers finding out he was going to have a niece and that his brother was going to be a father.
He remembers everything,  he remembers all.
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