Q: Why does the world sometimes choose hate over love?

        What I have observed is that some people in this world, have seen an unfortunate way of life than others. That some people have so much anger and hate built up inside of them, that they are not willing to forgive and move on, or be positive and look at things on the bright side. Sometimes jealousy, power, and the feeling of supremacy, take over the power of love because of how it makes people feel. It makes people feel like they have control over somebody which a lot of people like to feel.

      There seems to be a mild distinction between anger and hatred. We can distinguish between anger and hatred in two ways: intensity and duration. Anger might be triggered when a loved one does something that frustrates us. It tends to come and go and doesn’t crowd out all our other feelings for that person. While hatred lasts longer and is more pervasive. The question is still asked, why does the world or people in general, sometimes choose hate over love?

      One point that Avinash K. brought up was that, “It is easy to hate than to love.” Then she also explains that people do not always choose to hate instead of love. That when you meet someone for the very first time, it depends on the incident that will lead that person to either love or hate that person. One point that she brings up that I totally agree with is “it is true that to hate is easy than to love and that love comes with a lot of responsibility and promises.” I really agree with him because love does take a lot of responsibility and willingness to be able to open your heart and be loyal and fully love without looking back.

      Another point that was made on the same website was that Kamia Taylor said that, “To love requires you to be vulnerable, open-hearted, and giving …. To love means you’re not always in control.” Which is what I was expressing in the first paragraph, some really love to be in control and are not willing to change that and if that control is taken away from them, they feel a strong anger and resentment and carry that over time which leads them to have hatred in them. Although some people feel that way, there are a lot of people who are not like and are willing to forgive and move on or have a positive feeling towards things. We just need more people in this world to come together as one and love each other and let petty and negative things go strive to see good in others and ourselves. 

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