My name is Quantell. Some people call me DJ. People at school know my brother from when he was a student here. He use to play for the Washington Irving Bulldogs Basketball Team. I’m 17 yrs old. I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Harlem. I’m a African – American/Jamaican. My brother was born in 1998 at St.Lukes hospital and then after that he had years to himself by himself and February 22, 2002 that’s when i was born and then after that nothing was the same ….

I like do math,poetry,and basketball in my school to be honest i’m good at percussion,english, global and i love to play basketball when i’m not in school as my outside my favorite basketball player killing in a game and i want to go to the nba oversees either one that come to me first and the reason why i’m so good at basketball now is because practice make perfect every blood and sweat,and tiers that come from me and other ways that’s happens to me and i joined the basketball team called washington irving when i was a freshmen ….

I feel safe on the street some time but if im coming home late and taking the subway by myself and walking home by myself but in certain hoods people get jump for being there but i live with the white people on my block….

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April 12, 2019 4:53 am

I really like how you describe yourself in this little excerpt. I like that you give a lot of detail and insight to the reader of who you are. One thing I would say is to remember to capitalize after every period and know what words or letter should be capitalized. One thing I also think that could add to your writing it perhaps adding metaphors. For example, ” I’m so good at basketball that I feel like I could be the next…” Something like that would add a lot more to this. But, overall, you did a good job.

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