Hi my name is Sapphire and uhh I am 16 years old in the tenth grade. I lived in Brooklyn my whole life so far. I’m the type of person to get mad easily, and I tend to have an attitude or stay mad for the whole day. But I laugh a lot, I mean, a lot.  So to cheer me up you have to make me laugh. I laugh at the most dumbest things and the things I laugh at shouldn’t go into details. I feel like my life so far is hitting so much bumps, but when I graduate High School and get accepted to the right college that will be the most important thing to happen.

I like to socialise with my friends during lunch time. I don’t do any extra-curricular activities, but in 9th grade I used to go to cooking club. I enjoy going to sleep after school, but I do miss going to my nana’s house because I always have a good laugh.

I have standards for my school work. I am deliberate, and I work hard when I’m focused. I also have strong feelings when I don’t get recognition for the work I do. I also have strong feelings about being accused of things I know I didn’t do. I don’t how to end this so imma just end it.

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September 23, 2019 4:44 pm

Dear Sapphire,
Your bio is very relatable as I too laugh at the most ridiculous things, and I also have a bit of a short temper. I really felt that your description of visiting your nana was similar to how I enjoy my time with my grandfather when I can. Another point that I sympathize with would be your determination as it is a key factor in accomplishing hard tasks. Thank you for your participation in this rather personal sharing of information.

August 13, 2019 8:10 pm

We both are December birthdays, but born many years apart. I too am stubborn and determined. I can tell you as a grown person, that trait can serve you well. I am here getting ready to go back to school, and I am having a hard time getting movtivated, well until I started working on this Youth Voices Project. I think my students are going to like this, and I hope that in a few weeks when we post here you will check us out and respond.

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