Hard to Love by Yureida

December 6, 2017


Hard to Love


By Yureida Gastelum


Since little I’ve got told that I’m not allowed to date. They said when I’m 15 years old. Next year I’m going to be 15. Since they know that I’m going to be 15, they said until im 16 or 17. Since I’m the person who has to obey my parents and stakeholders. I feel like It’s too much time to wait. I might as well disobey and talk to them and see If they allow me. My family and I make jokes on who we going to date. Honestly we don’t know the future but we just play around. Since I’m Mexican they want me to be with someone who is also Mexican. They are not obligating me but from the jokes my family and I make, i’m pretty sure they want someone who is Mexican. If he’s not living in Oakland, It´ll be harder for me to convince my parents. This is relating to Romeo and Juliet because Juliet wanted to be with Romeo but she couldn’t because they are not in the same side/gang so they don’t get along. The gangs is what’s separating them and what’s separating me is the fact that my parents dont let me date but now they let me text.


Hard to Love

By Yureida Gastelum

Parents vs. daughter

Same family

Different opinion

Some say it’s for my own good

I don’t look at it that way

Because of my age my parents believe I’m not allowed to date

They say I’m too young

Either way they keep adding the age required

I might as well disobey

If I explain they will might allow me

My parents think I can’t take care of myself

I understand that but I want to hang out

I feel I have the right to be with someone who’s opposite gender that makes me happy

My stakeholders won’t understand

They are overprotective

I know it’s for my own good

But it’s annoying

I could not even text guys if it’s not about school

We sometimes get in arguments

Sometimes we don’t talk to each other

But then we get along

We start talking

Start laughing

I get a text again and we won’t talk

And again after a couple of minutes we talk

Yet I’m not allowed

They get mad because I text

Yes was disobeying

Now I’m allowed to text guys

We won’t get mad at each other

We now just ignore it and let it be