Hands up don’t shoot by Mariely

January 14, 2020


Hands up don’t shoot

What i observe in the first image is a black man in a black lives matter protest holding a poster saying “ Hands up don’t shoot”  stating the quote on police brutality how every encounter with a cop a black life is lost , no matter if they follow the rules or not . The protest is fighting against white supremacy and advocating for the black lives lost and the ones that will be lost if the notion keeps going .My position is that we as a community need to keep advocating and keep making our voices be heard in any form and stand together always .

Second image i see , another black men holding a poster stating “Am i next “ meaning is he going to be killed next if he encounters a cop or any altercations .How many other black men or black person is going to get killed unjustly  on police brutality for it to stop , how many other black person is going to be killed for the system to change .