Halloween Safety During COVID-19 by Fatima

November 15, 2021


Halloween Safety During COVID-19

In the article “ Safety Precautions During Halloween” I learned that it’s important for children to wear masks as they go trick or treating. We need to think as adults about what’s best for the children and for our own safety. Wearing a mask is super important because kids will come in contact with other children and adults when going house to house and giving out and receiving candy. Always try your best in following the safety procedures to reduce the amount of covid cases.

Did your family follow the safety procedures this Halloween?

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I agree and think it is very important to take action and notice when having children going trick or treating. We need to of course wear our masks. We must also continue to use hand sanitizer and keep a distance from others. Don’t get crowded with others. We can go in small groups to trick or treat. And always if you feel sick stay home to prevent others from getting sick. We can all continue to have fun as long as we continue to follow the safety procedures. Vaccinated or unvaccinated we must follow the rules to protect ourselves and others.