Hola!  I am Harry Brake from Woodbridge High School (A Library Media  Specialist) and created an online video portfolio


that focuses on these three Habits of Mind #16, #1, and #10.  Now I COULD go into detail on these here, but I do that in my audio and I want you to listen to that!

I do believe it is more important, now more than ever, that students take the lead in their education. Now more than ever is a time for students to introduce concepts that teachers could consider when it comes to information being presented,, a collaboration of creating class if you will. Using Kumospaces, as well as Youth Voices, and NowComment, you , the student can have a commanding lead of what your education will look like.  You can dictate and help facilitate new directions to go and that in itself involved new Habits of Mind.  I feel I tried my best to represent these three habits of mind, in showing very diverse interests and paths that I have taken in my educational journey.  Check out my blog at harrybrake.com to see more of the areas I have dabbled in.  

I am excited to hear and read yours!

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August 17, 2021 3:23 pm

I really enjoyed hearing how you are using the Habits especially in the media center. Such an important place for learning!

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