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There are many Americans that have gym memberships. Most people that go to the gym do stay in the gym. Half of the people that have a gym membership end up going 3 times a week. Although many people’s lives are busy they are still able to find time to workout and be healthy. There are also many other reasons to go to the gym, such as looking better, or being healthier, or even relaxing your mind. Although 30% of people who get a membership at the beginning of the year stop going or hardly go, it’s clear that the majority of people who go to the gym, will continue throughout the year.

In the beginning of the year is when most people join the gym. This is due to the fact that it’s a new year and people want to start fresh, and they have new year resolutions. There are many people that go, and the gyms make a lot of money during this time. “In 2019, more than 62.5 million gym members visited the gym 104 days per year” All of these people want to get healthy, and it takes a long time to get in shape, or fit enough so you like yourself. So people will have to go for months, and once they feel good they build a good bond with the gym community and you want to go everyday, and it makes people want to go quickly. Americans are set to spend as much as $33.25 billion on gyms, health clubs, fitness centers, and studios in 2021. They are trying to put all of this money in the gyms so people have a better experience, and so new people feel more comfortable at the gym.

As it was stated before, many people join the gym at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately 30% of the people that end up not going to the gym at the end of the year. Although 30% is a high number, there are still 70% of people that still care about their goals, and don’t give up. There are a lot of problems and things that happen in people’s lives which make it hard for someone to get 5-7 times a week. It is very possible that the majority of people can find time for it but it is unlikely to do so. So having 50% of people go 2-4 times a week is extremely impressive. And there are the people that love the gym or care a lot about their goal, and it covers 20% of the gym which is also high.

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November 14, 2022 6:00 am

Hello Andre,
I like your post about the gym because it brings up the current statistics of gym-goers. I go to the gym and have had a membership for over a year now. I can say that I have become familiar with the staff members and the ongoing gym members. A lot of them are the same and many people do keep on going. Now I see a lot of new faces and many of those new faces are young high schoolers that are barely starting their fitness journey. For the most part, I do think many people that get a gym membership either stay consistent or stop going but somehow find their way back. I wonder if you have a gym membership and are an ongoing member?

November 15, 2021 9:16 pm

Hey Andre great article, it was clear that you are interested in the topic, I go to the gym, and I have membership. I like how they want people going to the gym, and influence people to go to the gym and stay healthy. A healthy mind needs a healthy body. A healthy body need a healthy mind. The gym community is very welcoming and I feel like love to see you improve and see you develop yourself into a physic that you like and comfortable with.

Reply to  Juan
November 14, 2022 6:04 am

Hey Juan,

I love that you brought up the gym atmosphere because you are right the gym people are very friendly and it’s very easy to make new friends there if you stick around. I have been going for over a year and I can say that I almost know everybody there and get along with them. You make long life friends and get great advice from the older folks there. Great topic I wonder what gym you go to and what are your prs.

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