What should we do about gun violence? We can´t let it go. Oakland needs to do something about it. Gun violence is dangerous and unneeded for the Oakland community, so to prevent it in Oakland we can support people with anger issues and prevent access to guns.


Firstly, gun violence can be prevented if Oakland supports people who are angry or sad or have a mental illness so they do not think guns are an answer. In an interview with a girl named Christy Vong, a student in Life Academy Health and Bioscience in Oakland she points out ¨ Gun violence can be caused by rage and uncontrollable rage…I think Oakland doesn’t really do anything¨ (Vong). In Oakland people with anger issues are pushed then their problems are not solved. An Oakland science teacher in Life Academy Health and Bioscience named William Juang suggests that Oakland “ Provides them with support system whether it’s counseling and mental health program or something that addresses the root issue they are struggling with” (Juang).  Juang believes that this will solve anger and if this issue is solved it would reduce gun violence and this would help people with anger issues and the community be a safer place. In an article from a website named Nearly 1 in 10 Adults Has Impulsive Anger Issues and Access to Guns from Social work today. Which was also published in a special issue of the journal Behavioral Sciences and the Law that focuses on mental illness and gun violence, it confirmed the above interviews when it said, “Researchers found that anger-prone people with guns were at elevated risk for a range of fairly common psychiatric conditions such as personality disorders, alcohol abuse, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress.” (Social Work Today). The researchers have gathered and believe that people with anger issues that have guns have mental illness.

Secondly, gun violence can be prevented if there are less guns. Another science teacher from Life Academy Health and Bioscience named Christi Grossman in Oakland stated “ I think there’s a lot of day to day gun violence that happens particularly in low income areas and those don’t take a lot of attention even though it takes more lives” (Grossman). This shows that in little communities there is more gun violence and with that leads more gun usage and more deaths and no one really pays attention about it. An article written by NBC Bay Area staff that that was titled Bay Area Gun Buybacks Take Hundreds of Weapons Off the Streets claimed that “The impact is that’s there one less gun in the community and that’s one less gun that can do”(NBC Staff).This reinstates that the more the community takes guns away and or have less guns the less harm it would be in the community. Yet another article titled Best Tool’ to Prevent Gun Violence is Rarely Used in California by Alexei Koseff states “California courts ordered people to temporarily give up possession of their firearms 86 times in 2016 and 104 times in 2017 in response to requests for gun violence restraining orders from family members or law enforcement” ( Koseff). A actual useful law where law enforcements and family members of the gun holder can have the gun be taken away by request.

In conclusion, some may disagree, and think that education might solve the gun violence issue and solve anger issues because sometimes people get angry and don’t have a good life because of a lack of education. This solution is flawed though because anger issues can be triggered by different things other than education. A support system would make a huge impact and reach them more in their life and would help them find the core of what they’re dealing with. This  would allow them to release and let go of their guns and with less guns in the community there would be less harm.


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Grossman acknowledges that in little communities there are more danger and death with gun violence. She is trustworthy because she’s a professional science teacher and professional LLI teacher and cares about subjects like this in the world and clearly communicated that in the interview.


Juang, William. “Gun Violence Interview.” 18 Dec. 2018.

William suggests what Oakland should do to treat people with anger issues. He is trustworthy because he is a professional science teacher in Life Academy Health and Bioscience and clearly has learned health to be a science teacher.


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This article shows a law that California has made to prevent gun violence by taking it away from people who are dangerous but its barely used. This is trustworthy because The Sacramento Bee was founded in 1987 and read by millions and more all over the world and have won hundreds of journalism awards including 73 pulitzer prizes.


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The NBC Area Staff states if there was less guns there would be less gun violence and less harm. They are trustworthy because they are a television station licensed to San Jose, California, United States and serving the San Francisco Bay Area .By looking in the workers portfolios they have big experiences on news related Subjects;


“Nearly 1 in 10 Adults Has Impulsive Anger Issues and Access to Guns .” Social Work Today , Social Work Today , www.socialworktoday.com/news/dn_040815.shtml.

This is an article that focuses on Mental illness and gun violence. This is trustworthy because this focuses on difficult issues that need to be heard by Social work professionals, educators and lastly students.


Vong, Christy. “Gun Violence Interview.” 12 Dec. 2018.

This interview tells about how gun violence is bad for the community and and realizes that Oakland does not do anything about it. She is trustworthy because she is a student in Life Academy Health and Bio Science and has been learning humanities and health for 3 years.


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May 3, 2019 5:41 am

Dear Kimberly,

I would like to begin by commending your post on bringing awareness to such a sensitive and prevalent topic in the world today which is gun violence. I think that it is especially important for people like you as a student who is involved in the education system, to help shed light on how devastating gun violence can be for communities. I think you made very great points with proposing how we could help this issue by supporting those with anger issues or those who are unhappy because in many cases, guns that end up in the hands of violent people end terribly for the community and the fact that this is such a prevalent issue in our school systems shows that something needs to be done to create change. I particularly like the statement you made when you said ” A support system would make a huge impact and reach them more in their life and would help them find the core of what they’re dealing with” because getting help and seeking support for those who need it can really make all the difference and helping that one person come to terms with what is making them angry or what is causing them so much anger can potentially deter them from turning to guns for violent reasons in school. The use of interviews in your post was well thought out and gave interesting insight to what teachers think about this issue involving gun violence in schools because they are also at the forefront of having to handle this issue. Students and teachers at all schools need posts like this to help give them the knowledge they need to stay aware of gun violence in the education system and what we as community members could do to be proactive. Thank you for the well thought out post and look forward to reading more from you.

Sincerely- Amber Smith

February 13, 2019 2:39 am

Hello Kimberly,

Let me start out by saying that I was very impressed with your blog post. You have chosen a very difficult issue to talk about and I applaud your willingness to discuss this issue and propose solutions. I think you made several great points, and I agree with your argument that a greater support system for those with mental health problems would go a long way in reducing the amount of gun violence not only in Oakland, but also in the United States. I do have a question for you to consider though. Given the fact that we are witnessing a rise in the amount of school shootings, what would you propose should be done in schools to help prevent future school shootings? What would that support system you discuss in your blog post look like in a school? Would schools need to hire more counselors? Would teachers need to receive better training in addressing mental health issues? These are some questions for you to consider and possibly research! In addition, I would urge you to do more research on the links between poverty and gun violence. Many people feel hopeless about the economic conditions they find themselves in and unfortunately are forced to turn to crime in order to survive. What would need to be done in order to address this problem? How can we work to improve economic conditions and lift people out of poverty? Once again I would like to thank you for posting this blog, it is students like you who are going to make a positive impact on this world. Keep exploring the world around you and never stop asking questions!

Best Regards,

January 9, 2019 7:39 pm

Zooie-mama, what an epic blog post. Firstly, nice evidence use with having 3 interviews so you can get 1 more actual oakland person instead of the 2 minimum. Also, you cited your work well so you won’t be sued. Only I think typos hold it back maybe but maybe i’m illiterate who knows.

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