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 In the article “Gun violence has affected most families in the U.S” (McPhillips 2023) I learned that there’s been a spike in gun violence in America in just a year 2023. She proceeds to list how there have been 146 incidences so far in just this year. She also mentions in the article that gun violence is the leading death in America. She compares gun violence to suicides to show how this isn’t something that we shouldn’t be paying attention to, it’s something that must be known to everyone.

   This article was based on the people since this was a survey that was published to the pubic so they can share their stories about gun violence and how it’s around us and the majority of the world have been affected by gun violence in some type of way. The majority of her data is raw since it comes from real people who shared their experience with firearms. It was also brought up that certain races feel some type of way when it comes to gun violence. McPhilippes stated that some cultures are being more targeted than others. People of color tend to feel more uncomfortable around certain people with firearms for their personal safety.

A question I have is whether certain people being targeted have something to do with racism. I also wonder what are the deaths with firearms rates when it comes to people of color compared to whites.

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October 26, 2023 3:53 pm

Dear Janet,’
Your post made me think the way gun has had major control over lives. How it can be like different races having different opinions over what a gun is . I hope people can pay more attention because guns don’t kill, people do. As you continue to research, I hope you discover your anwser.

Katie Martinez

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