A huge problem in the US is gun violence. In recent years, we’ve had an insane rise in school shootings, domestic terrorism, and police brutality. Every year for the past ten years, about 30,000 people die due to firearms. This amount is nearly equal to the amount of people who died in the Korean war. Gun violence has gotten out of control and if nothing is done about this, the death rate due to firearms will continue to rise in the US.

In countries such as Finland, gun violence is greatly less than America. In Finland, the right to privately owned firearms is not guaranteed and guns are under such a system that a person seeking to buy a firearm must provide proper licensing authority with proof that they have good intentions as well as having a valid reason for why they needs the firearm. The US on the other hand, has a permissive stance on purchasing firearms. The US allows easy access to the purchase of firearms which could be one of the prime reasons for the expelled level of gun violence here.

In order to lower these rates, we need to work on gun control and regulations. Not just anyone should be able to walk into any local store and get a gun. Guns should become less accessible by making the process by which one attains a firearm more difficult and possibly decreasing the amount of guns that circulate around the market. Also, we could make it illegal to carry guns in public settings with a few exceptions for certain scenarios. Even though we need all these reforms, we shouldn’t get rid of guns altogether because we still are a free country and as well as getting rid of possible gun violence, we would also be getting rid of hunting, shooting(as a sport) and the collecting that some people do with historical or just plain amazing guns.

Hopefully, any decisions you come to, if any, will help to end or at least decrease this gun violence epidemic because it’s causing so many horrific incidents in the US over the past ten years. The US cannot take any more instances of gun violence and to ignore it; the numbers must be lowered by any means possible.


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