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In the newspaper, “I Was Shot 12 Times. I’m a Gun Owner. We Can End Gun Violence¨(SIRS 2021)  discusses that gun violence needs to be stopped for the protection of others and health physically and mentally. ¨ It is a full-time job to recover from gun violence, but I have always been acutely aware of the alternative. I have always been mindful of the amazing gift I received in seeing my precious family once again. It is with this extreme sense of gratitude and deep resolve that I approach the exact problem that nearly ended my life.¨ Being left traumatized for the rest of their life. This can be something that is stuck with people, depending on how they deal with things because we all have different ways of dealing with things. This affects them just not mentally and their lifestyle at home but also her job and losing her family but she is so thankful towards surviving this tragedy. This is just the beginning. We have made progress and will continue to make progress by prioritizing what we have in common and not our differences. And we will do it together. This is not the end of what is needed to do in order to prevent gun control but it’s the start of it and if we get others to help with it and make a change in society.

I think that gun violence has just become a huge issue in society and it really shouldn’t people just really need to be aware of the usage towards guns. Imagine having a family that you look forward to going home to everyday and them waiting for you and this happens. It’s not you worrying about what may happen to you but how your family may deal with things being without you. We need more protection in this world and if the government or any other people don’t want to help, we all need to come together and do something about it.

As I continue to learn about Gun violence, I want to know more about if the dangers of the topic to be raised or reduced in the years to come.

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