In the article, “We Need to Prioritise People over Guns” I learned that the threat of gun violence to our most fundamental right which is the right to life occurs every day. Violence involving weapons claims the lives of approximately six hundred people every day, and simple access to firearms whether they are legal or not plays a part in this. Around the world, gun violence is a factor in up to 71% of homicides. Young guys make up the majority of both victims and abusers. Firearms can result in severe wounds that have an ongoing effect on both physical and mental health. Some people who have been shot need ongoing, intensive treatment. Some people might stop being able to work.

I think what is happening is that gun violence needs more attention and a solution so that this can stop. I think that the government has to do something so that death rates can decrease in any way. These young men that acquire guns the legal or illegal way need to think about their own safety and for others if they only get it to slide on their opps. I feel like guns should be in someone’s possession because of protection not for anything else.

As I continue to learn about the current problems with gun violence I would like to know more about do only certain people more than others suffer the effects of gun violence?

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October 16, 2023 7:13 pm

Your post made me feel very sad because of kids dying young n wanting to grow up

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