In the article, “Gun Rights” (Congressman Doug Lamborn 2022) I learned that increased gun regulations are harming our second amendment right and we should be worried about our violation. The second amendment is one of the most vital and important amendments in our constitution because arms are used by most people as a vital protection tool. When restrictions are put in place, it will be harder for us to protect our families. It is also argued that these restrictions are done by the left specifically to target and undermine the rights afforded to all Americans. This is supported by how most of these restrictive actions are driven unilaterally and without sufficient reasoning. Instead of limiting our second amendment, conservatives are arguing that other measures be taken without putting restrictions on our rights to bear arms. Different actions would include increased protection in our communities by targeting known criminals/ people who are posed as a threat and to have an increase of mental health support.

I think that there should be some type of restriction on guns, but I can also understand why some people would want to protect their second amendment right. I do believe that our right to bear arms is important because it provides protection, however there should be a restriction in place to ensure background checks or public awareness at the very least to keep dangerous people from easily acquiring such dangerous items. I’ve also noticed that both sides of the gun rights debate stress that same idea of wanting better protection/ mental health support in the community. 

As I continue to learn more about gun violence, I want to learn about if gun rights should be controlled by the state or federal government?

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