The idea of gun control is one that has permeated modern politics a lot in elections for many years. Different groups on either side of the issue put money into elections for candidates that they believe will influence certain movements in their favor. While gun control isn’t the only issue that has had a heavy hand in politics, it is certainly one of the most public and well-known, with large groups such as the NRA (National Rifle Association) being a source of controversy for many. This particular issue and group dominate media coverage and the public’s outlook on this topic. There are both sides to the story, and with many other factors at play in the government’s decisions concerning gun control, making this issue one of the most divisive and controversial in recent memory.

These two groups on either side of the issue have fought for control in many states across the US. Miami, for example, has seen both the NRA and other gun control groups working to back separate candidates, some of whom do not even have strong viewpoints on guns at all. This helps to demonstrate how while this issue has permeated modern politics, it has further implications of the polarization of political ideologies based around singular issues, such as gun control. People find themselves basing their entire political standings off of one or two issues, and letting that cloud their viewpoints entirely. This has continued into larger political groups as well, such as the NRA, who can be seen here largely throwing money at candidates who will not affect their cause as much as they probably would prefer, and who may have completely differing opinions on separate issues. This contributes to ignorance as a whole, and leads to further political division.

This does not mean that feeling strongly about certain issues is a bad thing, however. Many students and activists can be found trying to promote their viewpoints by protesting what they believe in. One particular instance occurred on Capitol Hill, where these people gathered in memorial of the Las Vegas Massacre to promote better gun control. This gathering of passionate individuals allows for viewpoints and opinions to be heard and spread to people who can make a difference. Unlike just contributing incessant amounts of money to certain candidates, peaceful protesting allows for greater awareness of political issues, while maintaining the idea of integrity that our democracy was based on.

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November 29, 2018 11:32 pm

Branigan, this is a very interesting article. I appreciate how you mentioned both perspectives on the issue. You brought up an interesting point when you discussed how politicians now experience pressure to pick a side. I think that most voters expect candidates to speak up about this issue because of the expansive impact it has on our lives. I think you could go more in depth on the reasons why people do and do not support gun control. Here is an article that outlays some of the different interpretations of the Second Amendment that may help you do that.
Overall, very nice job!

November 29, 2018 9:35 pm

Branigan, you made several clear points in this article, and I’m glad that people are taking notice of this important issue. I like how you took the stance of both sides and showed very little bias over the course of your entire rhetoric. Here’s a link that might help you in your future research:

October 27, 2018 5:33 am

This article was very well written. I enjoyed how you addressed such an on occurring and controversial issue happening still today as well as something in the eye of the public leaving many conflicted. I think adding statistics and/or studies to this would help further provide information for each apposing side and give a further understanding as to why they feel that way. Also maybe if you added the effects of gun violence to those who have been victim through school shootings for example. With that slight change it would be easier for me as the reader as well as others reading, to understand each side and help further educate in making our own personal opinion.

October 26, 2018 8:31 pm

In your second paragraph, you mention that the gun control issue is forcing candidates to essentially pick a side. You have good analyzation but it would help make your argument stronger if you were to add evidence to pair with your analysis. It’s an interesting topic and definitely plays a big role in politics today. The pro-gun control website ( helps to define gun control laws in an objective way, which can help to bring some insight to this. Reading your writing has reminded me to be aware that politics is complicated.

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