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In the first article that I read and summarized, the author essentially told us that the second amendment right was being treated as a second class right. In the second article (Second article), the author tells us both the good and bad about gun control. With both of these ideas in mind, I am left with one central question. Is gun control good or bad for the American public? The article, written by Rachel Segal, shows me both sides of the story. On the one hand, there is an important role that the constitution holds that could be broken if gun laws are put into place, but on the other hand, gun laws could protect a lot of American lives. Gun laws, as little as banning bump stocks or high capacity clips, could completely change the way that the American public views gun ownership. They could transform the public from the current idea of gun ownership to the previous image of gun owners using their guns for hunting. The text provides examples like this to show how it could both help and hurt the American public. Because it could be helpful and harmful, I would say that there is not a correct answer to this question. This question could be answered by “good” because the American publics’ idea of gun ownership would shift into something much more stable, but it could also be answered as “bad” because it would infringe upon our constitutional rights.



  1. Brian 1 month ago

    Dear Owen,

    First, I felt really inspired by how you brought up gun ownership, which isn’t a common topic that is discussed in the normal world nor basic education. I especially liked the article because you just didn’t say “oh guns are bad” or whatnot, but you claimed both perspectives of the situation and explained the pros and cons of the problem. It was handy to see the two views about guns together, and you wrote two of them with good detail and explanation. I also very much agree with your conclusion, which you said “there is no real answer to gun control”, which is practically true since the pros and cons both stand in contrast between them. I really liked your article and hope you write more of these.


  2. Alvin Youngho 1 month ago

    Hi Owen,
    First of all, I really liked how you pointed out the positive effects of gun ownership and thought on both perspectives of people against gun usage and people who are not. I really appreciated how you discussed about a topic not much tolerated in school and I really want people to be aware about gun ownership. One part I really liked was when you concluded that there is no correct answer to this question. I believe that most people will say that they are against the usage of guns but as you thought about this in both perspectives, your conclusion did make sense to me. Anyways, I really enjoyed your article and I learning much from it.

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