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In the article, “CNN Poll: Most Americans want stricter gun control, but they are divided on whether guns make public places safer.” (CNN 2023) I learned and understood that it is to highlight the contrasting views among Americans regarding gun control while there is a general desire for stricter regulations. Opinions differ when it comes to the impact of guns on Public Safety. It is an important topic that showcases the complexity of the issue and the diversity of perspectives in our society. Ariel wrote about the CNN poll on gun control because it is an important and timely topic that Sparks a lot of debate and discussion. As a journalist, she Likely wanted to inform the public about the findings and provide different perspectives on the issue. This was said because 64% of Americans are in favor of stricter gun control laws while 36% are opposed these numbers have remained relatively unchanged since a previous survey conducted after a tragic mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas shows that a majority of people still believe in the importance of tighter regulations it is important to continue discussing and addressing the issue to ensure the safety of our communities. According to a CNN poll, it seems that most Americans want stricter gun control measures however there seems to be some division among them when it comes to whether guns make public places safer. It provides insight into public opinion on gun control and the perception of guns in public places. It can be a starting point for understanding different perspectives on the impact of guns on society.

I think that it is interesting that most Americans want stricter gun control, but they are divided on whether guns make public places safer. It’s a complex topic with different perspectives.

As I continue to learn about gun control, I want to know more about the different proposed policies and their potential impact.

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December 12, 2023 8:31 pm

Dear Lilia

Your post made me think about how people see gun restrictions in different point of views. Some believe that having a stricter system of gun control will impact and increase safety in their community. Something I wonder is if there is some areas with higher gun control? Another thing I wonder is if people will feel threatened or safe with more guns around?

December 12, 2023 8:10 pm

Dear Lilia,

Your post made me think about the different opinions that people have about gun restrictions. More people favor stricter gun restrictions than those who oppose it. Something that I wonder is if the percentage of people were recorded in certain areas in the U.S or if it’s overall.


December 11, 2023 11:00 pm

Dear Lilia, 

Your post made me think about the different perspectives people have towards making gun control laws more stricter. Majority of society does feel that the gun control law needs to be stricter but they have different opinions when it comes to public safety. Something I wonder is if they make the law more stricter will people feel more in danger in public. 


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