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In the article, “In The Gun Debate, Both Sides Have Evidence to Back Them Up” (The Conversation 2021) I learned about the different perspectives and evidence presented by both sides of the gun control debate. The authors likely provide examples, statistics, and arguments from each side to show that there is valid evidence supporting different viewpoints. For example, mentioning how 112 of these events between 1980 and 2020 and how  the number of mass shootings each year has increased over time. An overwhelming majority of mass shooters — 87% of them – obtained their firearms legally. Nearly all shooters  93% – shot their victims in the same state where they obtained their weapons. This is basically stating how with this research the percentage on gun violence just keeps on increasing so the laws aren’t doing anything to help with the problem that should be everyone’s main focus. No matter the background checks or if they’re  licensed to own a gun, you will never really know who the person with a gun in their hand is or if they have any sort of connection with anyone so, being realistic there is no way to have control over guns so why shouldn’t being people able to use guns for good and for their protection.

I think  it’s great to see that the article acknowledges that both sides of the gun control debate have valid evidence to support their arguments. It’s important to consider multiple perspectives and evidence when discussing complex topics like this. Mainly because there are people who have so many opinions towards gun control.

As I continue to learn about gun control/gun violence I want to do some investigating towards the constitutional aspects and interpretations of the Second Amendment.

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Areli S.
December 1, 2023 7:52 pm

Dear Lilia,
I agree with your post and also think that the people selling the guns never know what the true intentions are of the person purchasing the gun. Due to this like you said it makes it harder for the government or anyone to control the use of guns. Something I wonder is what’s something that can be done to help fix this big problem that’s slowly increasing in the US.

November 27, 2023 8:16 pm

Dear Lilia,
Your post made me think about both sides of the gun control debate. It allows for both sides’ ideas to be established and to see how the ideas relate back to the aspects of our constitutional rights. Something I wonder is what can be done to satisfy both sides of the debate.
Alexis Summers

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