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In the newspaper, “The Science Is Clear: Gun Control Saves Lives” (Scientific American 2022) I learned about the research on the positive impact of gun control measures on saving lives. It aims to raise awareness, promote informed discussion and advocate for policies that prioritize public safety. The newspaper likely wants to present scientific findings in a clear and accessible way to help readers understand the importance of gun control in reducing gun violence. In the text it gives examples on how there are at least 19 school’s specifically elementary schools, that have faced fun violence and have left teachers and children dead, not only affecting that one person but the families and witnesses for life. It also mentions the way that gun control is a really important thing to be aware about just like care incidents and COVID. Knowing that this can be compared to Covid which was such a deadly thing it makes this situation even more dangerous and something to put to a stop. It also mentions that guns not only need to be seen as something that can be protection towards people who can target you but as well as weapons who can hurt innocent people.

I think that gun control should be prevented to not only decrease gun violence but save many people’s lives. It’s so hard to imagine your own family going to let’s say a school and you then find out that there were weapons found in the school or someone that threatens the school and ‘boom’ there goes what you never expected. No one knows what’s gonna happen the next day and we shouldn’t have to fear going places because of who has the access to owning a gun.

As I continue my research on gun control/ gun violence I would like to know what are the pros about gun usage besides protecting family.

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Jocelyn B.
November 27, 2023 8:32 pm

Dear Lilia, your post made me understand the importance of gun control. Gun violence is a huge issue that is taking over the United States. The amount of deaths due to gun violence is increasing and reaching death totals like COVID-19. Something I wonder is how we decide who can and can’t have a gun in the United States.

SIncerly, Jocelyn Barba

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