After the Parkland shooting in Florida on February 14th, gun control must be implemented. I have decided to write a research paper regarding gun control, especially in the aspect of school. I am very interested to hear anything that you all might have to say. Whether you are pro-gun or anti-gun. Please share your opinions and any helpful outside resources in the comments!

Never Again.


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April 23, 2018 7:37 pm

Dear Ellie,

After reading your post on Gun Control, my group agrees and disagrees with you that the Gov. needs to cut down on gun regulations, but there should be a fine line between safety and shootings. Yes there was a shooting recently in Florida, and in Las Vegas. And yes we need to regulate guns, but not to the point of leaving our citizens without protection. We believe that guns should have new regulations, but we need to keep our citizens safe. The Las Vegas shooter had +10 bags full of weapons and ammunition, this went unnoticed, if the hotel noticed one man had +10 bags they might of been suspicious about him, and done some kind of search. This also goes with the Columbine and Florida shootings, which you talked about in your text for one of the main reasons to increase gun control. These people just walked into the school with guns without notice. From our research we found that people can obtain a weapon without a background check, or with a minimal one, these people just have to walk into a store and purchase a weapon, mental illness or not and cause a massacre. With this though, guns need to be around, people need the protection, and not everyone has the mentality of creating a massacre. In conclusion we need to regulate guns, but not to the point of there being no guns whatsoever.

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April 23, 2018 1:41 pm


As I have read your post I agree with your points about gun control and how there should be be more of it.You made a great point when……………………………………………………………….. If I may add there is also not just about buying guns but shootings in general “October 1 when gunman opened fire on a crowd of concert at route 91 harvest music festival on las vegas strip nevada, leaving 58 people dead and 851 injured”. It was a huge deal yes it also had to do with the guns but it also affects more people and families. Then again there will also be school shootings when parents are forced to trust that their children will be safe at school while they go to work. And don’t expect that they’ll get a phone call saying that their child had been killed. When they rush to the school to see there little baby just laying there wondering how did this happen.

olivia geier

April 23, 2018 1:31 pm

Dear Sara,

After reading your post, our group agrees and disagrees with you that there should be more gun control. You made great points about how more gun control is needed, but we also think that more gun control is not needed. We agree with what you said about “We can see from all the carelessness in gun control it is causing more harm and fear in our society,” We think that this is a great statement and we agree because all of the shootings are out of control. Also when you said “This has not been updated from when it was first instated back in 1791 and when it was revised in 1992,” We agree with this because it does need to be updated since it was so long ago and times have changed and more shootings have been occuring. To include “ We can especially see this when people are able to buy semi automatic guns without a intensive background check, and are able to shoot up a safe place,” We agree with this because people shouldn’t be able to buy automatic guns without having a intensive background check. One of the statements we disagree with is “All in all people can try to argue that our gun control laws and how we handle them are fine but in reality because of the US is so careless with them we can see that people are being continuously hurt and fear is growing.” We disagree with this statement the government is trying to help the situation but they haven’t done enough to stop all the shootings that are happening to often. Most mass shooters have mental health or have been in a mental health hospital and we think that they should pay more attention to the people with mental health. In the article “How The Loss of The US Psychiatric Hospitals Led To A Mental Health Crisis” it states that “ Most hospitals are unable to take care of people for more than 72 hours, Sisti explains, So patients are sent back out into the world without adequate access to treatment,” We think that mental health hospitals should focus more on caring for them not just taking them in then releasing them. In conclusion we agree and disagree that gun control laws should be stricter but not to get rid of guns.

Ella and Melanie

February 27, 2018 9:26 pm

The issue of gun control is obviously one of the most pressing today. I believe that we need stricter gun control laws. I see statistics comparing the US to other countries, and the numbers are staggering. All countries that have effective gun control laws have considerably less shootings, which makes sense. To me, no citizen should need an automatic assault rifle for any reason. I’m glad to see students standing up and promoting change; something might actually be done this time.

February 27, 2018 3:59 pm

I would like to say that I am not fully anti-gun, but I believe that the average citizen should not have access to weapons of war and weapons of mass destruction. If our troops in the military and navy and air force need weapons, by all means, give them weapons, but our militia is NOT a military force. They should not have access to automatic weapons. what if people under age 18 only had weapons to knives and, one day, someone decided to take a knife to school and kill as many people as possible? They wouldn’t get very far, would they! But if someone comes to school with a gun, they can shoot out windows, bolts, and locks and they will end up killing several more people before the police arrive. Now, if someone was able to have access to automatic weapons, I have a few things to say: 1. they do not need automatic weapons for hunting! Besides, that is cheating. 2. They can fire an unfathomable quantity of bullets per second and can kill hundreds of people within a few minutes. Mental health is not the main problem! Any student, anyone who is angry or bored, can buy a gun and shoot up the school. Mental health does not play a main factor. Automatic weapons, weapons of war, and weapons of mass destruction are no necessary in every-day life! The NRA just sits with sticks up their butts, but they really need to do more than just raise the age for automatic weapons.

February 27, 2018 2:53 pm

I have to say I am completely anti-gun. I cannot imagine anyone being pro gun after everything that has happened this year alone. If we look at other countries such as Great Britain, Italy, and Sweden we see that they have little to no issues with guns because of their strict fun laws. It is time for us to change and I am glad students are voicing their opinions and are starting to make a change, but this should have happened years ago. It is disappointing that it took this long for people to realize we need change. This is just the first mile in a marathon, but I believe this is a step in the right direction!

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