<Replace the title, “Where I’m From” with a unique, personalized title of your own.>
I am from  <a specific item from your childhood home>
from <two products or objects from your past>
I am from <a phrase describing your childhood home>
and <more description of your childhood home>
I am from <a plant, tree or natural item from your past>
whose <personify that natural item>
I am from <two objects from your past>
from <a family name> and <another family name>
I am from <a family trait or tendency> and <another family trait or tendency>
and from <another family trait, habit or tendency>
from <another family trait, habit or tendency>
I am from <a religious phrase or memory>
I am from <an ancestor> and <another ancestor>
from <two foods from your family history>
from <a specific event in the life of an ancestor>
and from <another detail from the life of an ancestor>
<a memory or object you had as a child>
I am from those moments  
<conclude by finishing this thought or by repeating a line or idea from earlier in the poem>

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