During <Candidate’s Name>’s, answers at the <first/second/third> 2016 <presidential/vice presidential> debate on <Day, Month> the candidate <summarize the post memorable parts of what he/she said>
When we consider the issue of <Put an issue that was discussed in the debate here.>, some might wonder: <Pose question.> <Candidates’s Name> addresses this question because… <Explain exactly how the candidate responded to similar questions during the debate.>
<A sentence or two or perhaps a paragraph from the debate should appear here. Transcribe one of the most important quotes from the candidate you introduced in the first paragraph here.>
This is basically saying <paraphrase the quote, putting it into your own words. Be sure your re-statement is clear, complete, and cogent.>
This might make one wonder… <Finish this sentence, then freewrite for 5 minutes about any new thoughts you may be having about this issue.>
Another point <Candidate’s Last Name> made in this debate is: “<Quote from the candidate’s words during the debate.>” This is <adjective> because… <add 1 or 2 sentences>
A third point addressed by <Candidate’s Last Name> is: “<Quote from a different part of the debate>.” This is significant, because…
What we can appreciate about this candidate’s skills as a debater because… We can look forward to seeing what <he/she> says next in this campaign, because… <add 2 or 3 sentences explaining what will bring you back to see more about this person’s thoughts.>

Use this guide when you want to write a more formal response to one of the debates.
This guide will ask you to quote at least two times from that debate, and to explain why those two quotes represent one of the candidate’s views and your thoughts about those views. What makes these parts of the debate stand out for you?
You’ll also be asked to explain at least two things you agree or disagree with in the debate and to give your reasons. And you’ll be asked to say what you appreciate most about this candidate’s positions on the issues.

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