As you read a text, listen to audio, or watch a video consider how the questions here focus your reading/viewing/listening on specific parts of the text’s/media’s content and craft, and also focus on how you might engage in a conversation with the writer.

Please note the questions are numbered but this is not meant to imply they need to be addressed in that order.  Some texts/media may lead to the reader/listener/viewer to address specific questions, but not others.

Before reading:

What do I already know and think about this issue?  The author? The publication or broadcast site? How do I know all this?

While reading:

  1. What in the piece do I agree with? What in the piece do I disagree with? (connected to argues a position based on evidence attribute)

  2. Is the piece written in a way, its tone and word choice, that invites me to respond thoughtfully and respectfully? (connected to pubic voice attribute)

  3. Does the piece help me understand why the writer believes the civic issue addressed is important to the public? (connected to advocating civic engagement attribute)

  4. What is the civic change or action being advocated?  Is this civic action or change both feasible and reasonable? (connected to advocating civic engagement attribute)

  5. Is there enough thoughtfully discussed evidence to support the civic position? (connected to argues a position based on evidence attribute)

  6. Does the piece ignore an alternative position, or does piece (when needed) strengthen its position by acknowledging and grappling with another view?  (connected to argues a position based on evidence attribute)

  7. Is the piece organized and structured in a way that makes it easy to understand and follow? (connected to employs a structure attribute)

  8. Is the piece convincing?  Does the reasoning and argument make sense? Is the writer credible, a voice worth listening to?(connected to public voice and argues a position attributes)

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